How to join

How you can join SLNL ?

If you want to become a member of our association, nothing could be easier: send an e-mail to with your first and last name, followed by the text: Membership application.

By return, we’ll send you a copy of our internal rules, some additional information about our association and a registration form, which you’ll need to fill in and return by email to the above address.

Once you have returned your registration form, you may ask without any obligation, a visit of our naturist recreation site. If after this visit you are still interested in joining us, pay the membership fee as well as the inscription fee by bank transfer, and a few days later you will receive your membership card with the international licence (FLN/INF) and the code to open the access gates to our naturist area..

80 € INF/FLN Licence for the whole family with unlimited free access to our Naturist site
40 € INF/FLN License for the whole family, without access to the club site
70 € INF/FLN License for singles, with unlimited access to the club site
35 € INF/FLN License singles, without access to the club site
5 € Supplementary licence for children > 18 which are still at parent’s charge.
15 € for students whose parents are not members (written parental permission required)
15 € enrolment fee (only payable once)